Ngā Rauemi


Kete 1

Andrew Judd - Lessons from a recovering racist>

Focus: Racism. Resource type: video 17.35m

Dame Suzan Devoy>

Focus: Racism. Resource type: video 1.57m

Land of the Long White Cloud>

Focus: Racism. Resource type: video series

Kete 2

Anti Racism 2020>

Focus: Te Tiriti Based Futures. Resource type: Video series


Focus: Tiriti relationship services.

Whitinui, Paul>

Focus: Wellington City Libraries. Resource.type: Book

Ann Milne>

Focus: Cultural identity and community in whitestream schools. Resource type: Video 52.56m

Melanie Taite-Pihama>

Focus: Relationships with marae and runaka. Resource type: Video 6.11m

Janelle Riki-Waaka>

Focus: Giving mana to TTOW. Resource type: Video 3.17m

Clare Edwards**>

Focus: Building kaupapa at Broadfield School. Resource type: video 6.54m

Jenny Washington>

Focus: Cultural responsiveness. Resource type: Video 6.27

Tamara Bell>

Focus: Developing cultural responsiveness at Cobham Intermediate. Resource type: Video 16.43m

A culturally responsive pedagogy of relations>

Focus: Russell Bishop. Resource type: Video 11.00m

Kete 3

Alexandrie FGA>

Focus: Teacher learning Vs student learning. Resource type: Video 7.04m

Sir Ken Robinson>

Focus: Shifting education paradigms. Resource type: Video 11.40

Sir Ken Robinson>

Focus: Bring on the learning revolution. Resource type: Video 17.54m

Rae Siʻilata>

Focus: Recognising individual differences. Resource type: Video 5.10m

Tool for Teachers>

Resource type: Teaching Tool