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Ohaeawai School Exemplar

Building rich learning experiences with Raranga Matihiko

Ohaeawai School is asmall, 160 student, rural school situated in Ohaeawai in Northland.  One of their Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) classes took part in the RarangaMatihiko | Weaving Digital Futures programme available through WaitangiMuseum.  


66 students from year 5-6 class spent two days at Waitangi Museum engaging in digital technologies curriculum content and learning about the Battle of Ohaeawai.  To ensure this programme built on existing classroom content, the Raranga Matihiko facilitators spent time with the class teachers to create a learning programme that complemented what was happening in the class.  Ohaeawai School is in the vicinity of the Battle of Ohaeawai and as the students knew little about this famous battle, the teachers decided understanding and retelling this battle would be their inquiry focus for the term.  


Students planning their task

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