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Webinar Series: App Smashing for Beginners

App Smashing Series - YouTube

Multiply the possibilities of using digital tools in the classroom with this webinar series on smashing apps together.

App smashing is blending multiple digital processes together, just like creating a multimedia art masterpiece. We will explore the creative potential of using multiple, free digital tools as an approach to an integrated curriculum. 
There will be one 30 minute episode each week, highlighting just some of the possibilities available with a specific pair of digital tools. Over the course of this series, we will look at a total of seven different apps. 
You are welcome to try smashing the apps before the webinar for your own fun and amusement.

Links to our introductory webinars and videos are available for you to get acquainted with the basics.
Explore this collection of 2-3 minute videos of our favourite 5 digital tools(link is external).
This series will jump into the deep end so you can play with all the toys.